Another swimming success!

In terms 1 and 2 this year, Chestnut showed once more much talent and determination in swimming. Many certificates were handed out on 19th December and it is very rewarding to be able to say that everybody progressed in one skill or another. Nine Year 6 pupils undertook their Personal Survival Badge, where they had […]

New Beginnings

In Cherry, we have been looking at New Beginnings and how we would like to live our lives in a new world. The children put together a class charter showing rights and responsibilities. We also looked at ways to manage our feelings and stay calm. Mrs Lees organised a relaxation session in the hall. Some […]

Super Soup!

On Friday 6th October, some members of the Gardening Club made leek and potato soup during their lunch break. It was a new experience for them and they had to practice peeling potatoes. Mrs Jackson helped. Luke was very interested in how to work the soup maker and learned how to program it. Rachel and Anu […]

Brightening up the cliff face.

On Friday 22nd September, many pupils had fun trying to sow wild flower seeds through the fence in the playground. The plan is to create a ‘wild garden’ to hide as much of the cliff face as possible. Here are the budding gardeners trying to water their seeds.

Raspberries harvest

On Friday 30th June, some pupils from the Gardening Club visited the Preschool to help the children pick their raspberries. The bushes were planted last year by the Club. The children really enjoyed the picking as well as the tasting.

Healthy living week for Chestnut class.

This week we have enjoyed Healthy Living Week where we have participated in gymnastics and making healthy wraps at Highsted Grammar School. The experience was so inspiring and we all feel a lot healthier for it. Our thanks go to all those at Highsted who made us so welcome. Yesterday we had great fun getting […]

Rockets launched in Chestnut classroom!

As part of our USA topic work, we created rockets to test out in the classroom. This involved an inflated balloon, a paper clip, and a very long piece of string. The room was lively with the excited anticipation of each rocket being launched. Some rockets were more successful than others! Enjoy our photos . . . .

Road Trip USA!

On the first day back after Easter, Chestnut Class pupils came to school dressed up ‘the American Way’. We had Indians, cowboys, the Statue of Liberty and President Trump of course. Grease was duly represented as well as American food in the shape of a bag of fries. Even the FBI joined us for the day! During the […]

Busy day at the allotment.

On Friday 20th April, it was all hands to the spade when a number of pupils joined Mme Lees for a number of jobs. Planting Strawberries: Kallum showed he was an old hand at this. He knew exactly what to do and duly informed Mme Lees that he had ‘done this at home’. Re-potting rosemary […]

Tomatoes on the way!

Today pupils in the Gardening club sowed tomatoes, many tomatoes. They also planted potatoes. Luke asked if we would be able to make some  tasty mashed potatoes again, like last year. Annie was very much looking forward to it.