Busy day at the allotment.

On Friday 20th April, it was all hands to the spade when a number of pupils joined Mme Lees for a number of jobs.

Planting Strawberries: Kallum showed he was an old hand at this. He knew exactly what to do and duly informed Mme Lees that he had ‘done this at home’.

Re-potting rosemary cuttings that some children had taken in the autumn: we picked the best plants with lost of roots.

Earthing up the potatoes: some Cherry class pupils had been keeping an eye on the potatoes and a few of them topped up the soil, helped by Kyle from Willow.

Some older pupils helped the younger ones with handling cabbage seeds and Luke and Rachel dealt with planting cucumber seeds.

Finally, a few of us checked on the apple tree recently planted in the wild area and watered it. It seems to be doing just fine.