Our School Curriculum

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At Borden CE Primary, we are committed to providing a rich and creative curriculum which prepares our pupils to be independent learners in this school and in their future education. In Reception we follow the Statutory Framework  Early Years  Foundation Stage  and  our Primary curriculum is based on the 2014 Primary National Curriculum.

Links to both of these can be found below.

Statutory Framework Early Years Foundation Stage

The 2014 Primary National Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to develop a commitment to learning which is enjoyable and interesting.  Pupils develop confidence in their  ability to learn, building on their strengths and experiences. We endeavour to foster a desire to enquire, when working both independently and co-operatively.

Whilst equipping our children with the essential skills of English and Maths our curriculum supports development and application of skills, knowledge and understanding.  They are enabled to think critically, to solve problems and to become creative, innovative and enterprising.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, wide enough for children to experience a range of subjects within the appropriate limits of their development and maturity. Subjects are linked, whenever possible, to ensure that the learning is relevant and stimulating. Children learn in different ways and at different rates and we take account of how diverse our learners are, ensuring they have the ability to engage and achieve.

Through our Christian aims and values of Love, Forgiveness and Hope, we aim to develop a sense of moral responsibility  and encourage the children to feel part of both the school and the wider community. We foster  tolerance, consideration, respect and self discipline taking into account the needs of the whole child. With this in mind, we support every child with the opportunity to progressively build on their prior knowledge. This may in some circumstances mean an individualised and adapted curriculum for some children with specific educational needs.

 If you you like more detailed information about how we interpret the National Curriculum, please contact the school office who will put you in touch with the relevant class teacher.