Mr Whitehead – CEO.







Mrs Godsell  – Headteacher

Likes  – Arsenal, Marmite, goats, craft, baking,     camping, reading real books, cricket.

Dislikes  –  Spiders knees, bad manners, grapefruit, golf, dishonesty, queue jumpers.


Mrs Tollervey – Senior Teacher

Likes  – Cypress, Tinkerbell, cheese, sloths, going to the cinema, Take That, family days out, curry.

Dislikes – Olives, flying, boats, enclosed spaces, needles, grey days.  



Mrs Baker – Class teacher – Chestnut Class.

Likes  –  Reading detective stories, strawberries, visiting museums with my family.

Dislikes  –  Nuts, traffic jams, rudeness.


Mrs Miller – Class teacher – Beech Class.

Likes  –  Tunisia, dancing, gardening, singing, enthusiasm, fun, white wine, chocolate, happy people.

Dislikes  –  Furry scurrying animals, rudeness, sulking, Indian food, Suduko, jigsaws.


Mrs Clark – Class teacher – Maple Class.

Likes  –   Sloths, cheese, Brighton, Dolly Parton,  sunny days, live music.

Dislikes  –  Scotch eggs, goats, heights.


Mrs Williams – Class teacher – Willow Class.

Likes  –  Cats, Bon Jovi, cake, dancing, family days out, perfume, Dungeness.

Dislikes  –  Injections, spiders, brussel sprouts.


Mrs Crunden – Class teacher – Willow Class.

Likes  –  Greece, curry, reading, sunshine, posh hotels, wine, cycling, yoga, gardening.

Dislikes  –  Flapping birds, rudeness, swimming, being cold, football, heights.


Mrs Faulkner – Teaching assistant.

Likes  –  West Highland Terriers, card making, reading, long walks, caravanning, family.

Dislikes  –  Being cold, rudeness, disorganized people, driving.


Mrs Lees – Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  French wine, gardening, family and friends, cooking, swimming, being a grandma.

Disikes  –  Noisy eaters, cycling up hills, baked beans, Marmite, tapping noises.


Mrs Jeffrey – Teaching Assistant. 

Likes  –  Greek holidays, reading, gardening, a tidy home, shoes and handbags.

Dislikes  –  Spiders, mice, cold weather, unkind people, food shopping.


Mrs Bahrawy – Learning support assistant.

Likes  –  Arsenal, family time, reading, cooking, coaching hockey, Malta, sheep, tea, pyjamas.

Dislikes  –  Beef, bad manners.



Mrs Whitnell – Teaching Assistant.

Likes  –  Rock music, cats, art, cycling, smiley people, reading.

Dislikes  –  Bad manners, celery, rats, cycling up hills, milk chocolate.


Mr Abraham – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Sci-fi, fantasy and horror,  Swiss Alps, Arsenal, rock music, problem solving, theatre, live music, asian food, helping others.

Dislikes  –  Rudeness, melted cheese, dishonesty.


Mrs Tina Neat  – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Dancing, music, holidays, sunshine, clothes, festivals, gardening

Dislikes  –  Winter, bad manners, spiders, cheese, flying


Mrs Cryer – Learning support assistant

Likes  –  Walking, horses, dogs and going to the gym.

Dislikes –  Rats, rude people, snakes.


Mrs Jackson – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Flowers, laughing, roast dinner, long     walks, dancing.

Dislikes  –  Shouting, bullying, cumin, unreliable gadgets, weeding.


Nicolle Clark – Teaching Assistant

Likes  – Music, happy people, dogs, family holidays, pasta.

Dislikes  –  Spiders, rudeness, brussel sprouts, seafood, snow.


Clare Adkins -Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Harry Potter, macaroni cheese, Disney, long walks with the dog.

Dislikes  –  Flying, dishonesty, cleaning the bathroom.


Angie Reeves- Teaching Assistant



Other Staff

 Office Manager 

Mrs Rawlinson

 Clerical Assistant Mrs Broad
 Data Officer Mrs Skinner
 Clerk to the Governors Mrs D Stryzyk
  Mid Day Meals Supervisors 

Mrs Cryer (One to One)

Mrs Harris

Mrs Carr

Mrs Murphy

Mrs M Hird

Mrs E Forder



Mr Jordan


Mrs Forder