Mr Whitehead – CEO.







Mrs Godsell  – Headteacher

Likes  – Arsenal, Marmite, goats, craft, baking,     camping, reading real books, cricket.

Dislikes  –  Spiders knees, bad manners, grapefruit, golf, dishonesty, queue jumpers.


Mrs Tollervey – Senior Teacher

Likes  – Cypress, Tinkerbell, cheese, sloths, going to the cinema, Take That, family days out, curry.

Dislikes – Olives, flying, boats, enclosed spaces, needles, grey days.  



Mrs Baker – Class teacher – Chestnut Class.

Likes  –  Reading detective stories, strawberries, visiting museums with my family.

Dislikes  –  Nuts, traffic jams, rudeness.


Mrs Miller – Class teacher – Beech Class.

Likes  –  Tunisia, dancing, gardening, singing, enthusiasm, fun, white wine, chocolate, happy people.

Dislikes  –  Furry scurrying animals, rudeness, sulking, Indian food, Suduko, jigsaws.


Mrs Clark – Class teacher – Maple Class.

Likes  –   Sloths, cheese, Brighton, Dolly Parton,  sunny days, live music.

Dislikes  –  Scotch eggs, goats, heights.


Mrs Williams – Class teacher – Willow Class.

Likes  –  Cats, Bon Jovi, cake, dancing, family days out, perfume, Dungeness.

Dislikes  –  Injections, spiders, brussel sprouts.


Mrs Crunden – Class teacher – Willow Class.

Likes  –  Greece, curry, reading, sunshine, posh hotels, wine, cycling, yoga, gardening.

Dislikes  –  Flapping birds, rudeness, swimming, being cold, football, heights.


Mrs Faulkner – Teaching assistant.

Likes  –  West Highland Terriers, card making, reading, long walks, caravanning, family.

Dislikes  –  Being cold, rudeness, disorganized people, driving.


Mrs Lees – Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  French wine, gardening, family and friends, cooking, swimming, being a grandma.

Disikes  –  Noisy eaters, cycling up hills, baked beans, Marmite, tapping noises.


Mrs Jeffrey – Teaching Assistant. 

Likes  –  Greek holidays, reading, gardening, a tidy home, shoes and handbags.

Dislikes  –  Spiders, mice, cold weather, unkind people, food shopping.


Mrs Bahrawy – Learning support assistant.

Likes  –  Arsenal, family time, reading, cooking, coaching hockey, Malta, sheep, tea, pyjamas.

Dislikes  –  Beef, bad manners.





Mr Abraham – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Sci-fi, fantasy and horror,  Swiss Alps, Arsenal, rock music, problem solving, theatre, live music, asian food, helping others.

Dislikes  –  Rudeness, melted cheese, dishonesty.


Mrs Tina Neat  – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Dancing, music, holidays, sunshine, clothes, festivals, gardening

Dislikes  –  Winter, bad manners, spiders, cheese, flying


Mrs Cryer – Learning support assistant

Likes  –  Walking, horses, dogs and going to the gym.

Dislikes –  Rats, rude people, snakes.


Mrs Jackson – Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Flowers, laughing, roast dinner, long     walks, dancing.

Dislikes  –  Shouting, bullying, cumin, unreliable gadgets, weeding.




Clare Adkins -Teaching Assistant

Likes  –  Harry Potter, macaroni cheese, Disney, long walks with the dog.

Dislikes  –  Flying, dishonesty, cleaning the bathroom.


Angie Reeves- Teaching Assistant



Other Staff

 Office Manager 

Mrs Rawlinson

 Clerical Assistant Mrs Broad
 Data Officer Mrs Skinner
 Clerk to the Governors  
  Mid Day Meals Supervisors 

Mrs Cryer (One to One)

Mrs Harris

Mrs Carr

Mrs Murphy

Mrs M Hird

Mrs E Forder



Mr Jacobs


Mrs Forder

Miss Forder